National Speakers' Training 2019

Catholic Voices, originally created for the 2010 papal visit to the UK, is now a major project present in nearly 25 countries worldwide. Its model, training ‘ordinary’ Catholics to tell the Church’s story, has created a whole new generation of confident media and public speakers. It has also transformed the way Catholics are perceived in the media, winning the backing of bishops and broadcasters alike. Fired by the UK example, the project has spread abroad, with CV groups trained by the coordinators in Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Chile, USA, Australia and Venezuela.  In the UK since 2010, our trainings have meant that over 100 Catholic Voices speakers have made over 1,200 appearances on TV and radio programmes, commenting and debating the Church’s positions on a large range of topics.

More recently since the official launch in 2017 of our ‘Public Speakers’ Programme’ we have delivered nearly 600 workshops or talks speaking to over 100,000 people in a variety of contexts including parishes, schools and universities. The vision of CV is expanding in the UK, the heart of the project remains our ambition to create a growing number of trained Catholic Voices (CVs). The difference in recent years is this training is geared towards creating the next generation of Catholic Public Speakers who, together with the existing teams, make themselves available to speak in parishes, schools, chaplaincies and deliver workshops (some of whom may then go on to appear in the media). The ‘Public Speakers’ Programme’ aims to give world class training to ordinary Catholics so they have the skills to become public speakers.    


- You will receive professional training in presentation and public speaking skills - You will learn principles of civil communication and how to talk about controversial issues with charity and clarity

- You will be invited to exclusive events and academies with world class speakers organised by Catholic Voices

- You will have opportunities to speak and deliver workshops in parishes, schools and chaplaincies

- You will have access to a network of other Catholics across the country who are passionate about sharing their faith



- We welcome applications from practising, thoughtful, engaging, committed Catholics of all ages and states of life (married, single, lay, religious, etc.) who are willing to learn how to put the Church’s case in compelling ways.

- To help you decide if this may be for you, we have a detailed ‘Notes for Applicants’ sheet which we will email to you. There is an application and interview process.

- Interviews (held in central London): 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th September

- If you think you might like to be a CV, please email for an application form and our ‘Notes for Applicants’ sheet. (Feel free also to contact us informally via the same email address).  


Applications close 31 August 2019.

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