How to defend the faith without raising your voice

Since it was first released, How to defend the faith without raising your voice has given Catholics worldwide a new way of talking about their faith around the dinner table or at the office, getting across the Church's positions on contentious issues without losing their cool.

It's about learning the principles that allow you to step outside the negative frames imposed by the news media and being well-briefed on what the Church actually thinks about politics, gay people, marriage, women, sex abuse, and other key topics.

Now revised and updated, How to defend the faith without raising your voice includes new material about what we can learn from Pope Francis' communication, advice on how to give a talk, and many other invaluable tips and principles gleaned from the authors' years of putting the Church's case in the media.

Find your voice. Embody the new evangelisation. Enjoy a new and better way to defend the faith - without ever having to raise your voice.


1. Tense twins: The Church and political life
2. Freedom and Equality: partners, not rivals
3. The "pelvic issues": Catholics and human sexuality
4. THe Church on the frontier: Population, Development, AIDS, and Ecology
5. Protecting the foundations: promoting marriage
6. Defending the unborn in a throwaway culture
7. Never again: the legacy of clerical sexual abuse
8. Lights at the end of the road: resisting assisted suicide
9. Unfinished business: women and the Church


Austen Ivereigh
Our Sunday Visitor

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