same-sex marriage

European Court rules: 'Same-sex marriage is not a human right'

Same-sex couples do not have a human right to marry and excluding them from marriage does not constitute discrimination, according to a ruling last week by the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

How to argue against same-sex marriage: keeping our language moderate and our tone light

by Peter D. Williams

More CVs on air over government same-sex marriage proposals

Shoddy and authoritarian: the Government's plans to overthrow marriage

The Government's consultation paper, published yesterday under the misleading title of Equal civil marriage: a consultation reveals both the shoddiness of its thinking and the extraordinary authoritarianism of a process which Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, has repeatedly made clear has only one outcome.

Same-sex marriage: Catholic Voices on air

Following the release of our poll and briefing paper last Thursday, Catholic Voices -- speakers who have been through our national training in 2010 (London) and 2011 (Leeds)  -- have done close to 20 interviews. To watch/hear them, click on the links below.

70% against redefining marriage, poll shows

The Government’s plan to redefine marriage in order to open it to same-sex couples could face serious opposition from the general public, according to a poll commissioned by Catholic Voices which is published today, a week before the Government begins its official consultation on the matter.

Campaign for marriage condemned as 'sinister' and 'intolerant'

Archbishop Peter Smith of Smith issued the following statement  on 20 February following the launch of a grassroots coalition to oppose the Government's forthcoming attempts to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.

'Keep focus on marriage': Archbishop Nichols spells out position on civil partnerships

Following a lecture organised by the Thomas More Institute on Wednesday 7 December, the Archbishop of Westminster responded to recent criticism of his remarks on civil partnerships.

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