Catholic Voices Public Speakers' Programme

It’s tough when you’re asked about a controversial issue. Catholic Voices exists to equip Catholics to use controversy as an opportunity to tell the Church’s story with clarity and charity.

Since it was first created in the UK in 2010, Catholic Voices (CV) has won the admiration of bishops and broadcasters alike. In media interviews, training, workshops, talks, articles, books and briefings, CV has been helping Catholics to communicate the Church – especially on hot-button issues that lie behind news stories.


As the CV project has grown we have come to see the need for offering our training and support for more than just our speakers on TV and radio. Most people’s experience of defending the faith is at work or in the home, in their daily encounters with friends and colleagues. It’s time to help them.

In answer to the growing numbers of requests from parishes and chaplaincies to provide training we launched the Public Speakers’ Project (PSP). In recent years TED has gained international acclaim for delivering ‘ideas worth sharing’ in the form of a 20 minute talk; Pope Francis has recently given a TED talk to great effect.

We have trained a number of speakers in the art of public speaking and the CV method of reframing and we now have a team of people available to come and deliver inspiring talks and workshops on a broad range of topics.



Reframe is our flagship parish programme for introducing the Catholic Voices method of re-framing. We begin and end the programme with talks on the nature of sharing the Church’s message in the 21st Century and in the intervening weeks we provide well trained and briefed CV’s to demonstrate the ‘reframe’ with topics chosen by the parish. Topics that can be covered include abortion, euthanasia, Pope Francis’ vision for the Church, the relationship of science & faith, the role of women in the Church and many more.

We aim to partner with parishes to help with the publicity, resources and support needed to attract engagement from the parishes. During our pilot in Lent 2016 we spoke to over 1000 parishioners in 5 parishes in various contexts.

We will also bring, available to buy, a book called How To Defend the Faith, Without Raising Your Voice. The book was written by one of our co-ordinators and covers a number of hot-button topics showing the CV method in action.

Download Reframe – Parishes Brochure


We have adapted our Reframe programme for schools to provide one off talks, assemblies or workshops with small groups / year groups on understanding the Church’s message, particularly when it comes to controversial issues.


We have given talks on communicating the Church’s story to international conferences, youth festivals, seminaries, Dioceses and university chaplaincies up and down the country. We would love to come to your group, organisation, training day or event to share practical communication skills and our unique method of sharing the Church’s story in the midst of controversy.


CV has offered training and workshops for those who will appear in the media for many years now. We now also offer something completely new: practical workshops on public speaking for church groups and leaders. Inspired by John Henry Newman and the public speaking principles of TED we offer engaging workshops designed to inspire and give confidence to people who want to develop their public speaking skills. We occasionally have academies on various aspects of public speaking in a Catholic context.

Please do email for more info or to talk through any needs you have we might be able to help with. 

To find out more info / to book a speaker or workshop / costs / if you are interested in becoming a CV (we normally annually do our training in October) please email

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