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George Weigel at the CV Academy: how to speak to our ‘Gnostic’ culture

In UK, religious freedom falls on increasingly frosty ground

Religious freedom was described by Pope Benedict XVI in January 2011 as the "the first of human rights" because it from it our other rights and freedoms flow. It guarantees rights for believers and non-believers alike. It is a freedom which flows from our innate dignity as God-created beings. Along with the right to life, religious freedom is the basic condition for all human rights; they are the condition for "the moral legitimacy of every social and legal norm". 

Catholic Voices responds to government gay-marriage consultation

Catholic Voices today formally submitted to the Government's 'Consultation on equal civil marriage'. Using arguments both from its own briefing paper, 'In Defence of Conjugality', and from the submissions of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales published yesterday, it told the Government (in the 200 maximum words allowed) why it was opposed to redefining marriage. 

Catholic and Anglican Churches spell out reasons for opposing gay marriage

In detailed submissions to the Home Office, the Catholic Church and the Church of England have today detailed their objections to the Government's plan to introduce same-sex marriage, warning that it will "dilute" and "diminish" the significance of marriage to future generations, and endanger the welfare of children. 

CV publishes first ever poll of gay attitudes to same-sex marriage

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See reports in Daily Mail here and Telegraph here.

Catholic Voices debate humanists on same-sex marriage

Last night's debate on same-sex marriage at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, co-hosted by Catholic Voices and the British Humanist Association, was vigorous but civil. Three speakers on each side spoke for or against the motion, 'This House would legalise same-sex marriage in England and Wales', which was chaired by the broadcaster, Roger Bolton.

Catholic Voices co-hosts ‘the great marriage debate’

Two weeks before the Government’s consultation on redefining marriage draws to a close, Catholic Voices is hosting a debate on the issue together with the British Humanist Association.

Three speakers on each side will debate the motion, ‘This House Would Legalise Same-Sex Marriage’, at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster on 29 May.  Please download a flyer for more details.

The debate will show that the lines are not always easily drawn in this debate.

The sinister and illogical attempt to stop RC schools teaching the meaning of marriage

'Churches in the firing line over gay marriage': leading barrister disputes government assurances

Last month, Monitor reported on a judgement by the European human-rights court in Strasbourg that there was no human right to same-sex marriage and therefore no obligation on EU states to introduce it.

More polls on gay marriage lead to more desperate attempts to discredit them

Pink News, the online ‘gay news service’, has again challenged the neutrality of a poll with unwelcome findings for the same-sex marriage lobby. This time, it was a cross-party poll of MPs carried out for the Coalition for Marriage by the award-winning polling company ComRes. The poll found that only 56 per cent of MPs believe that the Government’s proposals to redefine marriage are likely to succeed, with only 49 per cent of Government MPs believing that the proposal will become law.


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