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CV USA goes big on religious liberty, expands to Boston

In UK, religious freedom falls on increasingly frosty ground

Religious freedom was described by Pope Benedict XVI in January 2011 as the "the first of human rights" because it from it our other rights and freedoms flow. It guarantees rights for believers and non-believers alike. It is a freedom which flows from our innate dignity as God-created beings. Along with the right to life, religious freedom is the basic condition for all human rights; they are the condition for "the moral legitimacy of every social and legal norm". 

Catholic Voices equips laity to speak up in public debate

Washington D.C., Jun 28, 2012 / 04:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Amid misrepresentations in the media and public square, a newly-formed U.S. lay Catholic group is working to communicate the Church's message in a way that is clear, positive and captivating.

Archbishop Chaput on how Catholic teachings become hate crimes

"Threats to our religious freedom are not imaginary. They are happening right now. They are immediate, serious and real."

This is how Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia describes what he called "a pattern of government coercion" over religious practice and belief, including the US government's current attempt to compel Catholic organisations to offer insurance cover for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs.

Why we must take a stand. CV USA coordinator on the meaning of 'Freedom Fortnight'

(Kim Daniels is coordinator of Catholic Voices USA)



Pope in Cuba makes passionate case for religious freedom

San José Articles scotch myth of abortion as 'human right'

A series of principles, drawn from international law by eminent jurists, refute the mythical idea now asserted by some international agencies that abortion is somehow a human right.

Pope's historic speech to German Parliament


Mr President of the Federal Republic,
Mr President of the Bundestag,
Madam Chancellor,
Mr President of the Bundesrat,
Ladies and Gentlemen Members of the House,

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